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Municipal Equation is a podcast about cities and towns in changing times.

Brought to you by the N.C. League of Municipalities.

Host, producer, music: Ben Brown. 

Oct 24, 2017

For as often as we hear the phrase "urban versus rural" -- like it's an irreconcilable competition between two oppositely distinct regions -- there are loads of examples of urban and rural communities working together to learn from one another, obliterate stereotypes on each end and team up on common goals. It's also fallacious to think "urban" and "rural" describe the whole of a truly complex spectrum of local economies. On this episode we head to Kentucky to check out a successful barrier-breaker called the Rural Urban Exchange before a meetup with the National League of Cities to map out how varied our cities and towns really are -- and how they depend on one another. Show notes: Kentucky Rural Urban Exchange (RUX) - AP story about RUX - NLC, 'Beyond Urban vs. Rural' - Steve Holt, CityLab, 'What's the Future of the Urban Farmers' Market?' -