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Municipal Equation is a podcast about cities and towns in changing times.

A new episode every other week.

Brought to you by the N.C. League of Municipalities.

Host, producer, music: Ben Brown. 

Aug 16, 2019

Calling climate change an intimidating issue may be understating it. It's massive, right? Being so global and often pulled into intense debate, climate change may have us individuals feeling helpless against it. But there are local-level approaches for making a difference, and municipal governments are sharing best-practices with one another to that end. We travel to Chapel Hill -- the electric-vehicle capital of North Carolina -- to learn how they are others are leading the charge in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing other environmental impacts as part of a program called the Cities Initiative, which seeks to remove the barriers to sensible policies and practices that could be exactly what the world needs right now. 

To join or pose questions about the Cities Initiative, email Zach Ambrose at

Cities Initiative overview and consensus action items 

Description of phases 1 and 2 

Mayor Pam Hemminger, Chapel Hill, North Carolina